AA 62B

It is the largest single plate DHT available today. We like to call her the "Queen of Single Ended Triodes".



AA 62B

Plate Voltage

635 V

Plate Current

145 mA

Plate Current

200 mA max.

Plate Dissipation

90 W


7 mA / V

Grid Voltage

-138 V

Grid Resistor

47K Ohms

Amplification Factor


Plate Impedance

470 Ohms

Load Impedance

1000 - 2400 Ohms


<0.1 %

Power Output pure Class-A

33 W

Filament Voltage

4.7 - 5.0 V

Filament Current

2.0 A

Tube size incl. Socket

H 215 x 68 mm

All Ayon vacuum tubes possess a vacuum of 10-9 Torr, a maximum grid current of 2.2 microampere and absolutely constant emission.